IID Leadership 

The IID Executive committee

The IID program has a director and executive committee that establishes program-related policies and procedures in consultation with the IID graduate faculty.

The executive committee is composed of the following members:

  • Director: Provides overall academic leadership for IID and serves on the iPBS Executive Committee. Dr Anthony Nicola, anthony.nicola@wsu.edu
  • First Year Advisor: Works with the iPBS administration to organize the IID component of new-student orientation and serves as the course advisor for new students. Dr Leigh Knodler, leigh.knodler@wsu.edu
  • Rotation advisor: Tracks student rotations and rotation reviews. Issues first semester research grades. Dr Jean Celli, jean.celli@wsu.edu
  • Curriculum advisor: Has oversight over the RIP seminar (VET_PATH 555), and solicits and compiles annual student performance reviews. Dr Susan Noh, smnoh@wsu.edu
  • Admission Committee Advisor: Serves as chair of the IID admissions committee and works with the recruitment advisor to prepare the IID component of the iPBS spring recruitment events. Dr Santanu Bose, santanu.bose@wsu.edu
  • Recruitment Advisor: Works with iPBS administration to organize the IID component of spring recruitment events. Dr Kelly Brayton, kbrayton@wsu.edu
  • Awards advisor: Collects, collates and advertises opportunities for graduate student scholarships, fellowships and travel awards. Michael Crowley, michael_crowley@wsu.edu

College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Student Association (CVMGSA)

CVMGSA provides a platform to enrich social and academic interactions between the graduate students of the Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (iPBS). This program consists of the following units in the College of Veterinary Medicine: Immunology and Infectious Disease (IID), Neuroscience & Integrated Physiology (IPN), Molecular Biosciences (SMB) and Veterinary Clinical Services (VCS).

The executive committee is composed of the following members: