Fall 2021 Events

DateLocationTime (PT)TitlePresenter/Lead
December 6, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:30-4:30pmTBDScott Maloney
October 28, 2021VBR 305 Forum5:00-7:00pmCVMGSA and Peer Network Halloween SocialCVMGSA and iPBS Peer Network
October 26, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:45-5:00pmCreating and Modifying Your CVDr. Steve Simasko
September 29, 2021Virtual via Zoom5:30-6:30pmWhat Makes You Happy Hour: iPBS Virtual Social for 1st- & 2nd-yr students, and Peer Network MentorsAnita Peralta
September 22, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:30-4:30pmCVM Library OrientationDr. Suzanne Fricke
September 8, 2021Virtual via Zoom12:00-1:00pmiPBS Leadership and Professional Series: Getting More Out of Science SeminarsDr. Anders Omsland
August 1
7-19, 2021
VBR 305 & various locations -  Pullman campus8/17
iPBS Orientation & Leadership RetreatPresenters: various
Lead: Anita Peralta

Past Events: Spring/Summer 2021

DateLocationTime (PT)TitlePresenter/Lead
July 12, 2021Virtual via Zoom1:00-2:30pmMindfulness-Based Antiracism Part 3Trymaine Gaither
July 10, 2021Private Residence5:30pmiPBS '20-'21 Cohort Social: Summer PotluckAnita Peralta
May 17, 2021Virtual via Zoom5:30-6:30pmiPBS '20-'21 Cohort Social Gathering: Happy Hour End of Year CelebrationAnita Peralta
April 26, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:00-4:30pmMindfulness-Based Antiracism Part 2Trymaine Gaither
April 19, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:00-4:30pmMindfulness-Based Antiracism Part 1Trymaine Gaither
April 12, 2021Virtual via Zoom2:30-4:00pmMindfulness Made SimpleTrymaine Gaither
April 1, 2021Virtual via Zoom3:30-5:00pmCreating & Modifying Your CVDr. Steve Simasko
March 16, 2021Virtual via Zoom6:00-7:00pmiPBS '20-'21 Cohort Social Gathering: Lotería NightAnita Peralta
January 29-30, 2021 Virtual via Zoom1/29 9:00am
1/30 5:00pm
iPBS Graduate Student Recruitment Weekend

Presenters: various

Lead: Anita Peralta