Academic Features

Academic Features

Integrated Common Core Curriculum

At Washington State University, you and your research mentor will tailor your academic coursework to meet your research interests and needs. First year students have the opportunity to participate in two integrated required courses that emphasize self-directed learning and advance your preparation for life-long success in biomedical science.

Each course features faculty members and research across the college; includes individual and group participation and helps you advance your critical thinking skills.

Common Curriculum Offerings


Deconstruction of Research. (3 credits) Deconstruction of Research is based on the premise that construction of new scientific knowledge builds from a foundation of primary evidence that requires critical evaluation through active analysis and productive discourse. Students will learn and understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge transmitted through oral and written avenues. Students will learn the necessary skills required for critical analysis of general concepts no matter how familiar or unfamiliar the topic.


Topics in Biomedical Experimentation. 1 credit (may be repeated). This course examines the philosophy of experimental design and practical application and analysis of various experimental approaches in biomedical research. Each section (module) is independent of other sections and is taught within a 5-week block. Each section/module is worth 1 credit each. The first 5-week block during the Spring is always Philosophy of Experimental Design and is required of students from programs participating in the iPBS umbrella. 

Fall 2017 Offered