Leadership & Professional Program


Leadership & Professional Program

Professionalism is developed through many activities that students engage in during their graduate training.  Some of these skills are developed programmatically (such as events sponsored by the iPBS series of the PDI series sponsored by the Graduate School) and some elements are activities the student will engage in within their specific program/track, or within their individual lab and mentor relationships. To understand the design and expectations of the overall program, students should review the pages that outline the four elements of Leadership & Professional Program. 

Image of the 4 elements, Communcation, Academics, Leadership & Professionalism, and Career

The graduate programs in the College of Veterinary Medicine have settled on the following requirements for a graduate student seeking a (PhD or MS).

  • Events in the iPBS Orientation and Leadership Retreat Agenda (always the week before fall classes begin) that are mandatory and include:
    • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
    • Laboratory Safety
    • Biological Safety
    • Laboratory Notebook
    • Teaching Assistant Training Part I – Student Conduct
    • myIDP: How to Begin
    • Note:  Some of these may be taken out of cycle because they are required before a student can work in the laboratory environment.
  • In addition students must attend at least 10 events sponsored by iPBS or the PDI series sponsored by the Graduate School with the following minimal distribution:
    • One (1) event in Communication
    • One (1) event in Academics
    • Three (3) events in Leadership & Professionalism
    • Three (3) events in Career
    • Additional events (2 or more) are the student’s choice and can include other events in the iPBS series or events found in the PDI series sponsored by the Graduate School.
  • The requirements described above are the minimal requirements and students are encouraged to engage in professional development opportunities beyond these minimums and throughout their graduate student career.  In fact, students may find many of the events more pertinent in their 4th or 5th year and are always welcome to participate (even if they attended the same event in prior years).
  • Postdoctoral fellows are also encouraged to engage in any or all elements of the program.