Welcome to iPBS

The iPBS, integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences, provides a proven structure of support for interdisciplinary training, financial support, and professional development throughout your training. All students who enter a graduate program in the College of Veterinary Medicine participate in the training elements offered by the iPBS in addition to those unique to each degree-granting program. 

Click the link and learn more about the graduate programs that participate in the iPBS:  Immunology and Infectious DiseaseMolecular BiosciencesNeuroscienceIntegrative Physiology, and the CVM Combined Residency PhD Programs (Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Microbiology).

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Helpful hint to applicants: First, review all of the programs listed above. Next, go to the General WSU Graduate School Application and when it comes time, select one of the above programs from the drop-down selection (ie. Immunology and Infectious Disease). 

iPBS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Washington State University’s Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (iPBS) within the College of Veterinary Medicine strives to promote, create and sustain an inclusive community by recognizing diversity and equity as essential roles in achieving excellence. We aim to advance biomedical graduate education and research while fostering collaborative relationships, promoting a welcoming community, and accepting people of all identities and backgrounds, including, but not limited to: sex, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, language, national origin, citizenship, race, ethnicity, ability/disability, age, political preference, religion, socioeconomic status and military status. 

iPBS is committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere where everyone feels safe, empowered and has a sense of belonging.

To learn about WSU's Culture and Climate Initiatives, please click here: WSU Culture and Climate Initiative

WSU Land Acknowledgement of America's First Peoples

Washington State University acknowledges that its locations statewide are on the homelands of Native peoples, who have lived in this region from time immemorial. At the time of this posting, there are 42 tribes, 35 of which are federally recognized that share traditional homelands and waterways in what is now Washington State. Some of these are nations...
To continue reading the Acknowledgement and to view the list of Tribes and Nations whose homelands are in Washington State, click here: Acknowledgement of America's First Peoples.

For more information regarding the information on the map below, please visit Native American Tribes of Washington State

Approximate map of Washington State Native American tribal locations